The Europa 2017 Photo Safari - Part B!

What can you do to fill the empty and meaningless void in space time between the Grammy Awards and the Superbowl?

I know! How about viewing Album B of the 2017 Europa Tour Along… now ready for your perusal!

In Album B, we visit Milan and go on to Switzerland, and then to Germany. Album B is slightly different from Album A in that Milan has no mountains. The city does, however, have many Italians and stupidly-expensive clothing stores.

Once back in Switzerland, the mountains make a serious comeback, accompanied by cows with bells, chocolate, expensive watches, and more mountains.

Album B is best viewed with captions. You can do this by following these easy steps:

  • Click on the first image. The caption will appear at the bottom of the image
  • Some image captions are longer than the space allows, as indicated by a “…more”
  • To view the entire caption, click on the “… more”
  • Move your cursor to the right or left of the image and CLICK to move forward or backward

So dust off your dirndl and/or lederhosen and yodel along one more time!

Won’t you?

Photos That Will Blow Your Mind!

What’s the BEST part about coming home from a travel adventure?

That’s easy!

Showing everyone you know all 3,600 of your photos—complete with riveting backstory!

Or, how about the CliffsNotes version totaling 315 images split into two albums, posted one week at a time and with NO backstory?

Come along for a view into Europa 2017 Album A... Won’t you?

In this album, we go from Bavaria to Tyrol and on to the Dolomites. Along the way you may note there are many images of mountains. This is because we were in the Alps and, as it turns out, they are made of mountains. It’s also because I like mountains.

Before you click on the convenient link provided below, please note that you can view the photos in one of two ways. I suggest option two.

1. As a slideshow. To do this:
  • Click on the first image
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner
  • Select SLIDESHOW

NOTE: In slideshow mode, image captions are not displayed and you will miss out on all of the caption fun!

2. One image at a time WITH captions. To do this:
  • Click on the first image
  • The caption is displayed at the bottom of each image
  • Move your cursor to the right or left of the image and CLICK to move forward or backward

Let’s go! Here's the link: