The Europa 2017 Photo Safari - Part B!

What can you do to fill the empty and meaningless void in space time between the Grammy Awards and the Superbowl?

I know! How about viewing Album B of the 2017 Europa Tour Along… now ready for your perusal!

In Album B, we visit Milan and go on to Switzerland, and then to Germany. Album B is slightly different from Album A in that Milan has no mountains. The city does, however, have many Italians and stupidly-expensive clothing stores.

Once back in Switzerland, the mountains make a serious comeback, accompanied by cows with bells, chocolate, expensive watches, and more mountains.

Album B is best viewed with captions. You can do this by following these easy steps:

  • Click on the first image. The caption will appear at the bottom of the image
  • Some image captions are longer than the space allows, as indicated by a “…more”
  • To view the entire caption, click on the “… more”
  • Move your cursor to the right or left of the image and CLICK to move forward or backward

So dust off your dirndl and/or lederhosen and yodel along one more time!

Won’t you?

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