And the Final UK 2012 Photo Album!

Hi everyone!

For your viewing entertainment, here’s the 7th and FINAL photo album from the UK Tour 2012!

This album covers the final week of the tour… an action packed week it was.

Thanks again to Ned for having me along for the adventure to play music and see just a wee bit of a really fine place known as Britain.

To begin viewingCLICK THIS LINK

Cheers! ~ Todd

Because Google+ / Picasa DOESN’T make viewing options intuitive, here’s HOW TO VIEW:

OPTION 1 - To view as a slideshow without captions – click on the slideshow button on the right side of the page.
OPTION 2 - To view WITH captions – click on the first photo on the page (the one of downtown London) and then use the > button on the right side of the screen to advance from photo to photo. Captions are located at the upper right of each image.

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