The Third Installment of 2014 SarCorsiParis Photos - LET'S GO TO CORSICA!

Just when you thought you'd have nothing to do for the next few minutes!

Here's a link to the first half of the photos from our CORSICA portion of the 2014 SarCorsiParis Odyssey. 

I admit, there are a few pictures of mountains, clear flowing streams, angel white snow, and deep blue skies. If Julie Andrews could still sing, she would! But I hope you'll like them all the same.

Vas-y! Let's go!...

2014 SarCorsiParis PHOTOS Album C!... CLICK HERE to view it. When the photo album opens, click on the first picture and then click on "Slideshow" at the top or manually advance the photos at the bottom using the arrow!

Coming real soon...  the second half of the Corsica photos!  

Enjoy... Ciao!

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